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The wealth of our cultural activities (curricular as well as extra-mural) provides a balance to our academic health. We do not separate sport from culture. Indeed, sport is an indispensable part of our culture. Bay Primary's 'cultural wealth' with all its facets - Artistic, Intellectual, Music and Performance, Outdoors, Social and Environmental, and Sporting - gives us the edge.

Bay Primary children are nourished each week in the form of specialist music tuition. If they are still hungry for more, they may join the Drama Group or Choir, and take part in our innovative and joyful performance-oriented activities.

Junior and Senior Choirs, Junior and Senior Ensemble, Junior and Senior Drama Groups, Music, Art and Drama Evenings, Bay Cafe Evening, Eisteddford, Song-writing and CD Production.

Food for the 'soul' is served at Bay Primary each week in the form of specialist art tuition. Our large art rooms house a store of useful materials and the children systematically learn a variety of expressive techniques.

Occasionally there are organised visits to local exhibitions and public art activities. Our pupils' artwork has won numerous art competitions, and has been chosen for the Sanlam International Art Competition several times.

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